Helen Studios are in a very convenient location near the town's center, port, and all amenities.

The city of Naxos is a breathtaking one: The Old City with its alleys and Venetian fort; Portara, the Gate of Apollo's Temple; and Paralia, the beach, are the poles attracting visitors to the island.

The Old City is divided into two sections, Bourgos and Kastro (Citadel).
Although a great part of the Old City's outer fortification walls are no longer in existence, the inner ones are still there. The citadel is one of the few in Greece still habitable.

A stroll down the Old City's alleys will charm you. North of the port, on an islet joined to the shore by a narrow strip of land, visitors can see the entrance to the Temple of Apollo, a gateway whose construction began in 520 BC. Portara, as is the gateway's modern name, is the "iconic" emblem of the island and offers a unique view to the sunset.

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